Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Drama series and their flaws....

One thing I've always wondered is why it takes super long for characters in a movie to reach their destination when they're not even THAT far away from it.

Not sure what I mean?

Here's an example...

There's a series I used to watch called 'Single Ladies', and each time two of the characters would spot a person they didn't want to see, approaching them, they'd mouth words to each other while the person (who I am sure would be only a few centimetres away from them) came closer. What would normally take only seconds in reality, and wouldn't allow for any kind of chitter chatter, takes hundred years in the entertainment industry. I'd have time to get up, go downstairs and get myself a bowl of ice cream, without having to pause, and come back and still find the person walking towards them. Is it just me, or is that stuff just super annoying?

I used to find myself thinking 'Reallly?'.... 'It takes you that long to just walk accross a floor?'

I understand when it's done in horror movies... like when the victim is trapped and the 'bad guy' is just coming closer and closer (without actually really getting there, and you know deep down that the victim is going to get loose right before the 'bad guy' manages to get him/her). I actually get it a little, but I just don't understand the same type of technique when it's used in sitcoms or drama series. It makes me want to throw stuff at the screen and yell... 'Are you serious? If that was me, I'd see you talking through gritted teeth, no matter how hard you tried faking a smile!'.

The weirdest part is when the person who is being talked about finally gets there and greets the gossipers, or says something else, like they never saw the fake smiles or whispering in the first place. HELLO? It's so obvious! But then again, we all fall for that when watching dramas, and unless you're exposed to the annoying 'time wasting' enough times, it never really bothers you as much.

I guess it's safe to say, 'If it bothers you that much, why do you keep watching them?' ... The answer to that question is... .'Because, apart from that annoying flaw of 'time wasting', and the fact that the characters wake up from their sleep still wearing flawless make-up (even though everyone knows that nobody wakes up looking like that... not unless you're a model still on the set), those dramas serve as pretty good entertainment.

I'm curious to know what 'frustrations' other drama watchers share regarding certain drama series.