Thursday, July 19, 2012

U alrite? | No offence, but...

Having been born and raised in Norway, but spending quite a lot of time in England from I was six, I still never understood it when someone asked you how you are and never waited for a reply. It always made me feel stupid when I would be in the middle of replying and they'd either carried on walking, or walked off before I'd been able to utter a word.  I always used to think that if you were going to go through the 'stress' of asking someone how they were, that you should at least stand by to get and answer. The worst would be when I'd say 'I'm alright, and you?' and the person I was responding to had already walked off, and the silence would sort of come back, slapping me in the face.

Another thing I used to find quite irritating was whenever a person would say 'No offence, but..', even if what their next words would be would offend you to the maximum. The reason I am writing this post is because my cousin's recent status on facebook inspired me to do so. What's the point in telling someone you aren't trying to offend them, when that's exactly what you're going to do, or what you are doing, for that matter???? 

I've just never understood these two things about people, and just find it really strange. I can't have you walk off when I'm mid-sentence; if you do I'm just going to have to chase you down with my answer. Imagine how that would go.
Person: Hey, You alrite? (Walks off)
You: Yeah ...I'm ... *looks around to find nobody*..... *spots person walking off, and runs after them*...*wheezing, taps them on the shoulder, and waits for them to turn around, surprised* 'Hey, I'm actually fine thank you, had a little bit of an inconvenience in the shop queue earlier, then tried to get the bus home, but it was 20 minutes late, then I'm just waiting there for like 20 minutes, and when I finally turn around, the bus just passes. Can you believe it? How about yourself? You alright?'
Person stands there looking at you baffled, and then finally replies
"I'm fine?...But listen I've got some place to go now. Catch you later." *Awkward silence*  Realistically, an incident like that is quite unlikely to happen, but if it did, would happen after that is you''d most likely never see the person again, or they're just going to avoid asking you whether you're alright as they're passing, if they wouldn't want you to rant on about your day again.

'You alrite'  is after all just a figure of speech used when somebody is greeting you, from what I've understood of my four years of living here and experiencing someone saying that as they're passing in a rush. Now a days, I just reply with 'I'm good', rather than 'I'm fine, and you?' Only to not get a reply, and most likely experience the person having walked off already.
I can't be the only one who feels that when a person asks you whether you're okay, they should at least wait for a response.