Thursday, July 12, 2012

Students are human to0!!!!

It honestly baffles me just how little consideration most people have for students. It's like it's 'whatever' when it comes to students - like they are worth absolutely nothing. From my years of living in the UK, I've realised that students, unless they are amazing at picking out a place to stay, get treated like the scum of the earth with regards to housing.

Most landlords feel entitled to do whatever they like to you, or treat you however they like, if they know that you're a) a student or  b) young, and without much knowledge about your rights as a human being/citizen.  I do think that it's completely unacceptable to be treated any less because of your occupation, no matter what it is. Everyone person, regardless of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, or age, deserves to be treated with the same respect they show others. 

Although I am not willing to go into details, an experience with my house just last week, made me realise that my situation isn't the first - and, sadly, won't be the last.  Things like this certainly does open a person's eyes to realise just how much people often take for granted. If you are a student/have been a student, and you've lived in an amazing house with no problems whatsoever - that's something to be thankful for.  I'm just super glad that all these problems did not start happening when I was in a place of study or revising for my exams. How terrible it would have been for me then. I'm glad that I'm in a full-time job and that I don't have to worry about my education at the moment.  

My gratitude is for the fact that I wasn't injured, and that my life is still in tact.   I just keep wondering whether it's a given to be treated differently as soon as people are aware of that you're a student, and what's up with landlords/landlady's investing in ooooooold and broken down houses? I mean, if you are first of all looking at the potential in a house, then at least make sure you have all the equipment needed to get it up to date with the time we live in. We're in the 21st century, and yet there are still houses which look like they haven't been renovated for years on the inside. Floorboards cracking open, ceilings falling apart and slug infestations. What is going on?

If someone would have told me that that's what you would expect when looking for student accommodation in England after student halls (which by the way was luxury compared to most of the broken down places that exist out there), then I would have said they were lying. But I must say I've most probably seen it all. Slugs coming into the house (and being told by letting agencies that it's just because of the season.... O.o... yeah, but that doesn't mean insects that are supposed to be found outside should be found in your home, trying to mate and create a whole colony!!!!), damp and smelly floors, mould growing on the walls and then becoming mushrooms, "Lounge" areas which can't even be called lounge areas because of the poor interior and the lack of time invested into laying a good foundation for the houses. I don't know which house is the worst I've been in so far, however, I lived quite well during my first and third year in Bournemouth.  Sometimes I feel students should receive some kind of award for the amount of SH*** they are put through just because they wish to study.  

I do feel for people who have really complicated courses and who are inconvenienced because of their living situation. I honestly believe that landlords/landlady's need to come to terms with the issue of selecting poor housing and then renting it out to helpless students who don't know better than to accept.  No point in investing in OOOLD broken down places if you have no intention of going the limit to make sure it becomes up to date with the time we are living in....And why do letting agencies even bother investing in such houses and renting them out to students. They should be very ashamed of themselves. No wonder quite a few of them get taken to court every so often. Do they never learn???????