Sunday, July 29, 2012

Natural hair - Taking a stance against society?

'Natural hair movement?' Is there actually any such thing? - Especially when we think about the fact that most women have actually embraced their natural hair from the get-go; but what is it really? Is it a statement? Is it rebellion against society and its compressed/narrow-minded views about what beauty really is?  Or is it people just deciding to accept the way their hair grows out of their scalp, instead of trying to forcefully change the natural patterns of their hair strands?

When people aren't used to a certain thing, it becomes alien to them, it's hard to accept at first, and sometimes even quite weird. They probably might not even know how to act around a situation which is foreign to them, but when someone keeps exposing them to a certain type of thing, it becomes more normal. 

No matter what natural hair is deemed/coined to be at the end of the day, it is hair which should be embraced, regardless. I believe that people should accept who they are, what hair they have and what features they were born with, instead of trying to change. Once you learn to embrace yourself, others will eventually follow.