Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hey - That's mine!

Something made me sort of  look back and laugh about all the times my mother would just assume I didn't need something anymore, and just give it away to some other kid (could be any kid - even someone from around the neighbourhood). I would sort of find myself coming home to a house where kids were just running around wearing my stuff (because my mother is quite hospitable, she would take care friends' kids etc), and I'd get furious, walk up to them and ask 'Who gave you that?' - and they'd sort of reply, with a smiling face 'your mom' and run off happily. Gosh I used to hate that!!

- Or, I could be looking through my closet, trying to find a pair of really nice clothes that I hadn't worn in ages (there was a point where I'd actually think ghosts were stealing my stuff - or borrowing them - whenever I couldn't find something), and find out that my mother had given it away.

It was just a lot worse finding out once I'd see a person wearing my stuff, because my mother would never really tell me when she gave my things away.  We'd have arguments about it too. As an excuse my mother would often come up with lines like 'Ah.. but they were too short on you anyway' or 'aren't you happy you've made someone else happy?' or 'I'll just buy you a new one'. Really, a new one????? Where in the world do you find stuff that's already been bought years ago, if there's only one of it?  And, secondly,  I do think I decide when things are too short on me.

Although my mother would prevent me from actually doing it, I was at most times tempted to just tap a person wearing my stuff on the shoulder and go 'Hey, that's mine', and then stand there patiently as they took it off and handed it over. Muhahaaaa...... (nah, that honestly isn't me. I don't find it amusing watching others suffer)

I frankly never cared whether a pair of jeans were ankle swingers if I really loved them. I just hated having my stuff given away without my consent - and so I started understanding how it would feel for other family members when their mothers would give stuff to me without asking them. Parts of the reason why my cousins still believe that I 'stole' their Bambi movie when we were kids, when really my aunty had given it to me.

I guess I just learned to overlook things, and accept that sharing was a lot better - although it took me several years to understand that. The only thing about me is that I'm not one to just wear and throw away. If I really love something, I'll just wear it until it's worn out. Well, not days after each other of course, but......... you know.

I guess others were able to share in my frustration because they kind of knew how it felt to all of a sudden have your stuff given away.