Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Everything for a reason

Just like an inheritance, something may belong to you, but is not meant to be yours until a particular point in time - as concerns also the issue of relationships. At times things go wrong for things to go right. Don't understand my point? Let me elaborate.

Perhaps a couple broke up years ago, only to reunite a couple of years later.  The reason may have been that they were not mature enough to understand the challenges of a relationship when they had first started out.  But that does not necessarily mean that a couple is not meant to be together (but just not at that time).  However, a couple might never find back to one another, then perhaps their relationship was meant to function as a lesson for a future relationship (a pointer on what to avoid in a future relationship).

Sometimes you may meet 'the person of your dreams' quite early in life, and they may be meant for you, just not at that particular time. It often takes growth and maturity to be able to possess something which already has your name written on it, and has been packed and preserved especially for you.  Some may rush to open their package and completely ruin it; it's better to take time opening it, gradually discovering what it contains.