Sunday, March 25, 2012

My love for books - & Haruki Murakami

At times I wonder which it was I learned to do first - to read or to write. I know that even before I understood words I would often scribble swirls in my 'notebooks' because I thought they looked sophisticated and much like real letters;my work of art.

Unlike a lot of other children during my childhood, my first joy was receiving my very own library card. I was the happiest child in the world and would often marvel at the thought of taking trips to the library, spending hours looking through an endless collection of books which I just couldn't wait to get my head into.

The world of stories was my way of escaping the real world, my way of delving into worlds which intertwined my waking life with fantasy, mystery and romance.  Books often depicted the kind of life I was so very often looking for and of which I never seemed to find in my own life. (Despite the fact that my friends would always tell me I was much like the 'Black' version of Bridget Jones whereby funny and embarrassing things always seemed to happen to me, I was more content with the world discovered in books)

I would never usually read books because of hype. It's most likely the synopsis of a book that draws me in, and if the cover looks a bit unusual - the same also goes for an odd title.  Over Christmas I read 1Q84 book 3 by Haruki Murakami and absolutely loved it because of his ability to word things so well.

I hope to be reading more of his work over summer. BOOKS ARE AWESOME!  - To quench my thirst for reading because I can't :( I've decided to post a short doc. on the author titled In Search of this Elusive Writer - posted by ProjectDystophia.  Enjoy! NB!!!! It's 51 minutes long!!!!