Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Men who cheat = Men with no values?

Although I was not carelessly browsing through the internet this time, I found a video that kind of contained information that I've known of and seen before, but it was still fun to see another person's perspective on cheating.

Is cheating something that should be ignored because men are viewed as mammals with the need for multiple partners? Just like what is seen in male animals? Should cheating from a man's side be acceptable because it is something which can be considered a part of their nature? I wonder if it's easier to accept something once a person knows the reason behind it? - Perhaps that something has been done not just on impulse or perhaps on impulse?

I certainly don't condone cheating, but here's a guy who explains it so it is 'not misunderstood'. Ladies and gentlemen, reasons for why men cheat.  (If these are the reasons men cheat, do women cheat for some of the same reasons?)