Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why I'll never get tired of watching Asian drama series

Recently I've been watching a drama series about a girl who transferred to an all boy's school disguised as a guy in order to be around her idol/crush, a high jump sports athlete. While she is at the all boy's school, although a lot of people raise their suspicions about her gender and some even (out of ignorance) fall for her thinking they are gay, she manages to fit in quite well after a while.

I must admit that I laugh during every episode because of the funny characters. I do like Asian romantic comedies because they're super funny and depict the 'awry' and embarrassing sides of romance.

I've decided to include a clip from episode 13 of the Taiwanese version (which I'm watching) of 'Hana Kimi', a Japanese drama series adaptation of the manga series.