Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's day = Doomsday for singles?

The flowers, the candy, the confectionery. Oh yeah, they will be there and sometimes they'll make you wish you were in a relationship or, worse, make you cry.

I and my little sister were on the phone discussing the actual day (Valentine's day) because she wondered whether or not it's especially for couples. I told her that I used to believe, and still do, that it was for everyone - friends, family, lovers. Whatever.  However, I told her that I believe the day is highly commercialised and is usually a way for shops to sell more of their products and couples to bask in materialism. Flowers that will wither because they won't be well taken care of, boxes of chocolate which will be eaten and most likely forgotten in the next week and teddy bears that may well be put in a corner, collecting dust until the next teddy comes along and takes its place.

One thing I laughed at was my little sister saying that those who make snide comments about couples who receive or give valentine's presents are just jealous, because deep down they wish it was them. This is when I agreed of course, remembering that when I was in my teens and had received Valentine's cards from my friends, I'd later on sit with them for hours and sulk over the fact that Valentine's day was for losers anyway (just because no guy would give me a Valentine's day card - and the only Valentine's day card I'd actually spent hours on making was ripped in front of my eyes by my 'crush' back then).   Hello!! We'd just given each other Valentine's day cards and yet we would sit and say it's a day for losers. What losers we were!!

My little sister mentioned that what she finds the most pathetic is people who actually send themselves gifts to create the illusion that they actually have a boyfriend/girlfriend (usually this would just apply to girls). She laughed at how bad it would be if people actually found out that a person had just sent themselves a gift/card/both.  But seriously, who would do that? Or would anyone???

Yes, being a single for the 11th Valentine's year in a row (because relationships never lasted until Valentine's day - unless I missed a call from a boyfriend and that was it....- only I would know what I'm talking about anyway) I can say that it doesn't really bother me anymore. Of course it bothered me back then when people just wouldn't stop flinging their teddy bears and confectionery in my face, but now I couldn't care less. It's not even about Valentine's day, but about everyday. Where's the love all the other 364 days of the year? - If people can't celebrate 'love' everyday, what's the point in taking out a small portion of the year to celebrate it? It doesn't make any sense!!!

Having said that, I will of course spend Valentine's day watching numerous romance movies and sulking over the fact that I don't have a boyfriend to watch them with. One thing I do have though  is love in abundance -from family, friends and loved ones. Hey. Love is all you need - no matter what form it takes! So who needs silly teddy bears, sweets and thousands of cards? Well, I'm not saying it wouldn't be nice to receive them.

 (Do you have a funny Valentine's day story you'd like to share? - Feel free to e-mail  me your story)