Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Time to be serious

Even though I've spent most of my time slacking, I have been well aware of that time wasted - although I wouldn't exactly call what I've been doing 'wasting time' - is unacceptable at University or in any other part of life. I need to use as much time as possible working on and completing my most important assignments.

Now that I think about it, I feel that I will come to miss the pressure of working so hard at University, even though I'm almost dying to get out of here. Those are two quite contrary thoughts I've been having to deal with for the past few days.  -  Either way, once I graduate I'll be able to focus on a new theme for my blog, including a bunch of other things I've been wanting to do with my life. My ideal life is quite a simple one - living in a modern style apartment, working with what I love most (writing, and perhaps travelling the world) and just being happy.

Living an exclusive life with a cash amount so large I wouldn't know what to spend it on is not really my type of life. I'd like to live a life of simplicity, where I'm right in the middle. I want to live a life where I just have the right amount of money to tend to and obtain the necessities in my life.  - Hrmpphh.... time to be serious and stop rambling on about the life I wish to have and that I've not yet achieved. It's nice to have an ideal picture of the future though.