Sunday, February 12, 2012

Take my words and turn me into a hypocrite

Apart from witnessing tons of online news spreads about the death of loved and honoured Soul/R&B singer Whitney Houston (May you rest in peace), I decided to have a good look around the blogging world to see what was up there. This is when I came across a post by famous blogger Xiaxue on "fat people".   - Anyone who reads her blog on either a daily basis or once in a while may have taken into account how 'out there' her posts may sometimes be. NOTE: In no way am I criticising her for her recent post, but I did not completely agree with everything she had to write! (which is bound to happen as as everyone has different opinions about certain issues)... This time she decided to rant about Adele and the singer's previous comments about her own weight.

Her blog post is only one of the many reasons which function as a reminder for why people should be a lot more careful with their choice of words, especially if they are a public figure.

Have a read here!