Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The successful debasing of women in society

 In this post I would like to touch upon one thing that absolutely disgusts me when it comes to some men and their often 'stereotypical' ways of viewing women of different races because they've been influenced by either music videos, graphic movies (which can also be classed as soft pornography) or even pornography.

Having been in contact with guys from most races, (corresponding with - in case people would misunderstand that sentence) and getting to know about some of their views on females with different racial backgrounds, I must say that it does not even baffle me how biased these views are. One Korean guy I had spoken to in particular, mentioned that his dream is to meet with western girls - 'white' European girls in particular - because they are more liberal (in sexual terms of course) and that they aren't like Korean girls who would most likely cringe in 'horror' at the mention of sex. This wouldn't have been the first time I heard such an absurd statement, and certainly not the last.

His statement had got me to think about a social language network I had joined in order to learn more Korean and get in touch (web-wise) with people of the nationality of which I wished to learn a language. Thanks to privacy settings one can restrict the level of people who get in contact with you, but before I knew this I would get mostly Eastern European guys writing things like 'hey sexy' or 'do you want to webcam?'

Now I might not be the only race these males have gotten in contact with, but some of them had openly expressed their desire for black women because of the fact that they are 'curvier', have larger breasts, a tiny waist and a gigantic backside. Some might like to ask themselves where these views come from? It's so clear that just as women probably sit an fantasize about male drama characters, men perhaps have an image of what a certain race is like just from the influence of pornography, rap MVs with half naked women or the likes.

I don't want half naked women flaunting their stuff in MVs or women manhandled in pornographic movies to represent me. I hate it when I'm approached for anything less than what I am or what I stand for. It's absolutely sickening how much damage something like a pornographic movie can do to the view of men/women who watch them. It destroys the very meaning and 'institution' of sexual intercourse and degrades women in a manner that is so heart breaking it brings tears to my eyes. This often gives most men an even greater reason to so much as think that they can mistreat/disrespect a woman.

It's wrong to expect that a woman will sleep with you just because of her race. Whenever did the world come to that? It is also completely wrong to expect a woman to do certain things because of what you have seen on television - a world full of deceit - or to believe that she is loose because of her ethnicity.

A guy (whom I don't actually know) had decided to comment on a mutual's friend's status which read "White Russian Please", with "Brown Brazillian, big boobies please" - and even if it were meant to be a joke, it was not a pleasant one. In as much as it being a joke, it still seemed to reflect his view on Brazillian women in general - 'exotic looking' with a large chest region.
"It's easy to be led astray by one truth and a thousand lies."

Seeing something once doesn't necessarily make it a truth for other events following after.  It's only logical reasoning not to base the rest of life on one experience.

If one is in fact interested in a certain race then that's great, but in my opinion this should be for the simple fact that they are purely interested and not because of what they've heard, or in some cases seen (on television - a constructed reality).

Women are more than just objects of men's fantasy, more than what meets the eye and more than what they're treated as.  - I in turn wish that most women would have more respect for themselves, so men could have more respect for women in general.

With all this said and in a wordy post, I rest my case.