Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ouch!! :/

Earlier today I had been browsing the internet in relation to my dissertation, and I'd decided to give 'Ask a Korean' a try because I knew that he'd have an idea about the subject which I am including in my dissertation. Funny enough a subject which is interlinked with the one I'm writing about appeared on the first page once I clicked myself unto the blog. My gosh I felt so sorry for the writer who had written in, obviously concerned about her boyfriend who is in the army, only to find out that he's obviously dropped her without letting her know.

Do people still do that ?????????? I mean, that's so harsh! If you don't want someone, tell it like it is. If you don't like them, tell it like it is!!!!! Why do some people waste their time pulling others through the dirt instead of just owning up to their feelings?

The worst thing wasn't that he didn't even have the guts to tell her it's over; the worst thing is the humiliation of having to swallow the truth on a public blog - with comments like 'Ouch......' ...   Ouch :/!!!

This is honestly why I can't stop watching movies like 'Seducing Mr. Perfect'.... Perhaps I just need to be reminded that there are ass wipes out there one needs to stay clear of, or perhaps that there is a single grain of hope for finding someone who will appreciate your character enough to be honest with you. Which one is it??????

No matter who it is with this sort of behaviour (guy or girl), it's not acceptable at all! You just can't do that and need to be very afraid of KARMA! - Even if you don't know it as Karma; what goes around, almost always comes back around, and the same goes for what goes up.  If one wouldn't like finding themselves in the exact same situation, I don't understand why they would want to play around with other people's feelings.

If you're a guy and don't already know how emotionally attached a girl can get, I suggest you educate yourself on that before getting into something you're not planning to stick out; or at least be completely honest!  BE A MAN!!!! You owe her that much!