Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A love letter to black women

I'm basically just re-posting a letter written by an Asian male who felt it was necessary to let Black women know that he appreciates them as well as being appreciative of some of their love towards Asian men. As the media so often fails to properly represent certain races, and there exists a lot of misconceptions about the them, people who usually find this quite stressful often voice their opinions about it on public websites. It is nice to read through comments on forums or blogs etc and know that you are not alone in your distaste for the representation of your own race or perhaps other races, and also the positive comments that you may find regarding your race. In the end human beings are human beings, and we've just created race as a way to classify and put each other under different categories. But love on the other hand is very universal, and comes in any language, colour or race.

 Here's the letter re-posted from

Hi, I wanted to tell you how much I love your blog, thank you so so so so much for showing love for us. I couldn’t comment on your articles on that idiot researcher. Kanazawa is an idiot. I will tell you, as an Asian man (Vietnamese to be more specific), I honestly think that black women are the most beautiful women in the world! I find black women to be so physically attractive, and it doesn’t matter if she’s light-skinned, caramel, or dark-skinned, I find black women of all shades to be beautiful. I also get along with a lot of black girls. My best friends are black girls, and I just click well with them. So I wanted to let you know that Kanazawa does not speak for all of us at all. I, for one, am proud to express how beautiful I think black women are. Unfortunately, not only is there a backlash against Kanazawa (which is justifiable), but against all Asian men (which is not justifiable). People are assuming that he speaks for all Asian men, so they are bashing us along with him.
It really breaks my heart how Asian men and black women share some of the same struggles in society. I understand your perspective on how people try to bring black women down, and it saddens me when people try to portray black women with negative stereotypes when black women are not like that. I also feel the same way about how the media and society negatively portray Asian men. While Asian women are portrayed positively as beautiful and desirable, Asian men are portrayed negatively as dorks and undesirable. Years ago, Bruce Lee became my hero because he defied how Asian men were portrayed in America, and exuded coolness and strength. Yet, society and movies love to show Asian men in a negative way (many movies, including very recent ones, come to mind). Just when I think guys like Bi or the Jabbawockeez or Quest Crew are showing how cool and desirable Asian men can be, society and the media keeps throwing absurd stereotypes and negative portrayals of Asian men in our face. The reason why I’m expressing this to you is, because it saddens me and breaks my heart how negatively portrayed and perceived Asian men are in this country, but seeing your blog brings such a smile to my face, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing love for us. Hope all is well with you. Take care.