Monday, February 27, 2012

Boyfriend does my make-up tag

When browsing through Youtube a few of the make-up 'gurus' whom I just watch for fun because I'm not really big on make-up and all the different brands make-up comes in, even though I wish I kind of was, some of them have videos titled 'Boyfriend tag' or 'Boyfriend does my make-up' up in the sidebar.  In these videos the boyfriends are supposed to be doing their girlfriends' make-up without any help or guideline; some do really well, while others - not so well.

I decided to randomly check out one and must say I found it pretty funny because the boyfriend was so clueless about what to do with the make-up on display. I liked it. I mostly like when people can relax in front of the camera and don't feel the need to tense up because they're aware that people will be watching them. This seemed almost spontaneous and I liked that about it.  - If you are interested in watching the rest, there should be a link at the end of the video directing you to the next video.