Monday, February 20, 2012

12 bogus facts about me

While I was out with the girls of our house yesterday and we went to a restaurant to eat, they had found it funny how I ate my food in a certain order, and so when I read random facts about a blogger online I was sort of 'motivated' to write my own blog post on random facts about me. So here goes!!!

1. I always order a BigMac meal at McDonald's. It never gets any different than that. I've always loved it, and I'm not a person to change my eating habits in favour of a 'new meal' on the block. - The usual meal would be a BigMac and a Sprite on the side. The drink never changes unless I'm feeling 'adventurous' lol.

2. I love Salt & Vinegar chips(as Americans would refer to it)/crisps (the crispier the better....Handmade ones are the best!!!!)

3. When I order fries (chips) and a burger I always, always eat all the fries first and then I go for the burger. The only place where I don't do this is KFC for some reason - love eating both the fries and the chicken at the same time; and often Burger King ('cause I don't think their fries are very tasty tbh :/, so got to eat them alongside the tastiest bit - the burger)

4. I love carbonated water (tonic water especially) ^_^, although I don't know how good that is for you. I stopped drinking it for a while because I heard it stunts hair growth. Lol

5. I hateeeeee dust. (I can't stand the sight of dust, it actually makes me physically sick)

6. Once hair is no longer on a person's head and in a place it shouldn't be (like in someone's food for example), I get sick.

7.  I can't eat food without salt in it. As bad as that sounds, I'm just really addicted to salt and feel that food has no flavour if there's no salt in it. People have warned me to stop eating food with salt all the time, so I've toned it down a little.

8. I have this weird habit of putting my phone on loud speaker whenever someone calls me. (I guess I just feel more comfortable that way?) - Another weird thing is that I don't like the screen going dark, so I have to keep running my finger across it to keep it active.

9. I often get socially awkward (but no one ever seems to notice).

10.  I have a habit of keeping my laptop almost spotless. I don't like dust so much as touching it, and when it does I wipe it away so fast it doesn't get to see the light of day.

11. I'm not a phone person (in fact I used to hate talking on the phone with people and cringe just at the mention of phones - Lol, kidding, the last bit is a bit exaggerated), but once a person calls me I will stay on the phone with them.

12. Once I like a song I can listen to it almost through the whole day on replay!!!

PS: someone previously asked me if one had to be a member of blogger to post a comment on my blog. The answer is no! Once you type up a comment there is a selection bar 'comment as', and you can either select Name/Url or Anonymous (but I'd prefer it if you left a name at least)