Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Women in heels, men's worst nightmare!

12 inch heels (however exaggerated that sounds), independent, quick to speak her mind and takes bull from nobody! Excuse me, but I thought these were the women men usually liked? Women who treat men like they couldn't care less. Wasn't that always what 'dating books' suggested? 'Be a bitch and he'll fall at your feet'. I mean, if the thought of staying with a woman who cares more about her reflection than you is intriguing then whooptidoo, congratulations to you!

How come dating books are constantly contradicting each other and saying different things? How come the men in this world never seem to know what they want? How come they're scared, confused and so easily intimidated by little things?

The worst thing I ever heard a guy say was that he prefers to date white girls because they're more easily controlled, talk less and don't cause much trouble. However, the last time I checked being a woman was something that is universal, despite race. Women who love money, women who are quick to snap, women who are too emotional, loud women, women who expect too much from a relationship, they're everywhere! Who sprouts such nonsense in the 21st century!! I'll tell you, so many! I should have slapped him in the face to give him a reality check for coming up with such BULL in the first place!

The funniest thing is a lot of men, not knowing what they want, are slow in realising when they actually have something great beside them. Because they are so busy running around like loose mad dogs, chasing everything in short skirts they fail to realise when the spade has hit the bottom of the sandbox.

When I was younger I always used to think that the sandbox went further into infinity, that it was bottomless. Little did I know that once I'd used a spade and dug enough, I'd finally meet the bottom of it.   I'd be disappointed by this of course, and would try to dig in another area, thinking my outcome would be different. Each time I'd reach the exact same result.

My point is that it doesn't really matter what race you decide to date; if a woman wants to be a bitch, chances are that she'll be a bitch, regardless. People need to stop tricking themselves into believing that  stereotypes are the RULE and wake up to smell the coffee. If the saying that all men are the same is true, shouldn't it apply to women too? But then again, all men aren't the same, only in terms of them all being men of course.

A woman who is truthful to herself, is in possession of dignity and carries around tons and tons of self respect shouldn't be the person who people run away from. It should be the opposite? Why are most men only after women they can control? A woman who will do anything for them at any amount of time. Isn't it still contradictory that most men leave a woman for the exact same reason they got with her?

Example? : If a man likes a woman because she treats him like trash, he'll eventually leave her for the exact same reason.

Call me mad, but I'm much more interested in maintaining my dignity than worrying about who will like me if I just heed to their requests. I'll speak my mind when it's needed and I won't be treated like trash. The fact that I choose to stand up for myself shouldn't mean that I'm a monster lol. Gosh! I'm not here to be someone's trophy wife, or to be someone's prize as soon as they realise that they want someone who is serious about life and not just about how they look.

Life has its complications, and even though the opposites claim to be the most simple human beings, they are really not.  ^^