Friday, January 6, 2012

Top 10 things I love about being natural ('un'-chemically processed hair)

1. You discover more things about your hair
2. You discover products you never knew about. 
3. You discover the real texture of your hair. 
4.  Loads of Youtube videos which are helpful in providing you with a diversity of hair care regimens. 
5. Blogs dedicated to natural hair care and styling. 
6. You learn how to care for your own hair (discovering what damages and what repairs it). 
7. You learn about things to avoid while caring for your hair. 
8. You learn about foods to eat to keep your hair healthy. 
9. What products work for you and what products don't. 
10. You become more concious about treating your hair with cautiousness and diligence.

Here's to natural hair!   - It's not a trend, it's my hair ^^