Tuesday, January 10, 2012

There exists only One Race; The Human Race!

The most hateful social platform I know of has got to be Youtube. It is just bursting with negative and hateful comments beneath each video, and almost bursting at the seams because of so many hurtful and ignorant comments about this 'race' and that 'race', or this person and that person.

The discussion about race is never ending, the belief in Stereotypes is ever growing, and the reluctance of getting to know someone because of Heuristics seems to be on the rise each day.

The funny thing is that if you put all the 'races' who have problems with each other together, you realise that they all think just the same thing about each other. It's an ongoing vicious cycle,  and it's stupid, if you wonder about my opinion of it.

Yesterday I witnessed an ongoing stream of arguments from a video a girl had posted about 'Why Chinese and Koreans' can't be friends. It puzzled me that the only good reason she had to that point was because Koreans speak English with a 'funny' accent. Come on! Really? And underneath the video there were just so many vicious comments directed at both Koreans and Chinese from both sides. I won't even go into detail because that's how nasty the argument was.

I honestly want to know why some people would gladly dedicate hours to degrading other people, calling them all sorts of names and belittling them, then happily walking away, thinking they have made a positive difference.  Do people know the amount of damage they are really causing? Do they know how it feels to be on the receiving end of those comments, or being hated? Would it help if they were placed in their shoes?

I mean, I've got a major problem with H.A.T.E (My own translation of it = Hateful Attitude Towards "Enemies"). I just think it's pointless expressing hate when one has got no apparent reason for it. It's just like hating someone because they're a shade darker than yourself. I honestly, up until today, have just never understood that. There are even websites set up for those things. Wow, people just have loads of time on their hands. But when this hate results in killing, things aren't funny anymore.

When one takes time to know people individually instead of collectively, they discover:

* All Africans don't act the same.
* Asians don't at all look the same.  Seriously!!!!!!!!
* Africans DO read books; it's highly insulting to believe otherwise. There are even loads of African authors out there. (Which is why I think the joke 'Want to hide something from a Black person, put it in a book' is quite stupid)
* Asians aren't the only intelligent people on this planet!!!!
* White people aren't all racist.
* Not all Asians have small penises!!!!!! (I always knew that that much is true) Small penises is something which exists in every race. BELIEVE it or not.
* Being bad at maths boils down to the individual (All my family are super amazing at maths, one of my uncles is a graduated PhD holding Computer Engineer, and he is also one of the leaders at the company he works in. Stinking rich! Lol.  One of my cousins once got in the newspaper for receiving all A* on her A-levels. My little brother is excellent at everything. Piano, football, singing, maths, literature, science, religions studies. You name it. I could never beat him at anything.) Anyway I won't carry on bragging about my family members, because none of them are me, but I am super proud of their achievements.

Funny enough, my cousin arrived a bit late at a Chinese restaurant once, and one of the staff members working there had the audacity to throw a comment like "Africans are always late! They aren't good at maths either!"

How I'd wish that she'd said something Stereotypical back to him, like "Oh, then it must be true what people say about Asians having small penises. I guess this confirms it!"

People need to get over themselves. SERIOUSLY!!!

My point?
"There's only one Race; The Human Race. Heuristics, Stereotypes and Racism exist purely because Ignorance created them. Learn to ignore those so called 'differences', overstep 'boundaries' and embrace your similarities. It's called Love, and some people are yet to know of its existence!" (You may copy, lol. But remember to quote me)

Don't pretend to know people! Get to know them!  - You'll be surprised to discover that most things are only in your head.