Monday, January 30, 2012

Spotlight - Brandy Norwood

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely adore the artist Brandy Norwood. I've grown up listening to her music, looked up to her as a woman and fallen in love with her voice. To me she's an amazing artist who has never failed to deliver when it comes to quality, emotional, beautiful and real music. I do believe she is quite an underrated artist in terms of talent. There are not many artists out there who are actually able to deliver their songs with emotions, or even convincing the listener that they are singing straight from their heart.  A lot of the music out there exits purely through entertainment, and fails to reflect the hearts of their artists.

To me Brandy is nothing short of perfect in the music industry! I'll play all her songs at my wedding if it's possible. Lol ^^

I am super happy about the fact that her next album will be coming out sometime this year (probably in May) and have decided that I'll keep posting songs from her previous albums and some of her unreleased tracks on my blog until then, in between posts. Get ready for it.

Love the following song from Brandy, and my favourite line in the song has got to be 'I'll be your shield when you're fighting. I'll be your eyes when you're blind'