Friday, January 20, 2012

Romance or Love?

Some would argue that the two are just the same, or that the latter contains the first. Perhaps? Perhaps not? - Either way, no woman can say they have never been in need of romance (being swept off one's feet, kissed in pouring rain *bleh.. cliché much*, holding hands and walking on a moonlit beach), no matter how unrealistic most of their expectations are.  Something I've been pondering on, but I leave my laptop's keyboard alone as I go back to watching a terribly sad drama about two best friends who love each other, but are constantly being c*ckblocked by other people. :(  Random post, I know. But it was at the tip of my fingers, so I had to get it out.

Doodle by: Skyler Paige Milgate  @

From watching the drama long enough, I realised that hearing the words 'I love you' aren't all that important, as the meaning exists more in actions rather than words. If a person says they love you, you'll know sooner or later whether they are speaking the truth or not by their sincere actions. Words mean little these days.