Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's resolutions and why I don't do them anymore

I was one of those. Actually I was one to only say I had a New Year's resolution note hidden away somewhere just to be interesting, but I really never did write down New Year's resolutions, except for electronically, and then I'd eventually lose track of what it was I wrote to begin with.

This year my cousin asked me whether I'd written down anything in particular, and I replied that I hadn't, and when she asked me why not, I replied that "I just didn't see the point in writing one down when I know I wouldn't be prepared to follow through with the resolutions."

I do feel that one gets to a place followed by determination. If you want something and you really push hard enough for it, use the right procedures and hang around with the right people, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to obtain something. It's all about what's in your mind and how you strive to make your imagination reality.

A New Year's resolution list is pointless if you're only going to dream about things you wish to get done, but never actually do anything to get them done. I do believe actions speak louder than words, and in some cases actions also speak louder than a lousy list of 'to dos' in the New Year.   Where your heart is, there you'll be too. If you have no determination and no drive to do something, you might as well set aside the 'to do list' because it's most likely going to end up going nowhere.

     New Year's Resolutions
1. Becoming fit. 
2. Get a job. 
3. Do well at school. 

Look familiar? If you plan on becoming 'fit', as some people put it, it wouldn't help much not waking up in the mornings to do excercise that will help you keep fit, or eating healthy foods. And getting a job certainly doesn't come by going into stores and smiling at the managers every chance you get. People who are served things on a platter are just super lucky, but those of us who don't get things just like that  need to strive a little more. Dreams are real and they can come true if someone believes enough in them to want to pursue them.

This year I will take everything with a smile. I won't write goals down or tell people about all the 'wonderful things I wish to do' or 'get' this year. I'll just strive to be the absolute best I can be and achieve the best.

 Talk is less, work is more.
                                                                   Happy New Year