Friday, January 13, 2012

Dream High 2

I may have a life apart from preferring to sit in front of the screen watching tons of Drama series and lazying about. Of course I'm yet to figure out what could possibly be better than that. ^^ I've got loads of heart warming memories of days I spent with the best friends or my little sister, watching heap loads of drama series, one of them 'Dream High,' which I was super sad to see the ending of. Although I did not like the idea of a second cast for a second season, I'm kind of more welcome to it now that I've actually looked at the trailer. I won't compare the cast to each other, because I know that everyone's good at something in their own way. That's not a cliché saying, it's actually true.

Instead of sulking over the fact that cast 1 of Dream High season 1 won't be coming back, I've decided to give Dream High 2 a chance and welcome it with open arms. Not that it'll make it any different or that they'll actually care if I don't. I mean, they don't even know me or know of my existence.

During the holidays I spent so much time with the family (and that is of course a good thing ^^) that I had no time for watching drama or anime series. I do wonder if I can juggle drama/anime series with University work. If not, I'll just have to go for the most important of them, drama series ^^ .... Jokes, University of course!!! I wouldn't be caught dead focusing on anything else.  Life surely comes after one has completed their education, right? Or perhaps not. But I'm a person who's not that good at juggling several things at a time, although I'm a woman and supposed to be able to do those things. (Still sounds weird referring to myself as a woman....also when little children are blocking my entrance to a store and their mothers go "come on.... let the lady pass" @_@ which forces me to really look at myself as lady)

Anyway.... Raising my glass to Dream High 2. With no expectations from it whatsoever, I still hope it'll be good :)

                                               Dream High Season 1 Cast underneath.