Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dial my number!!! - Go ahead, try it!

When I was younger, and of course more naive, I always used to think that artists purposely included 'their numbers' in songs so that fans could get in touch with them, or anyone in general really. I must have been about 11 when I received the 'Destiny's Child' - writings on the wall CD on New Year's day from my older brother. Man was I the happiest 11 year old alive at that time. I couldn't stop listening to the songs, and funny thing is I still remember trying to dial a number mentioned in one of the songs on the album, thinking I'd of course reach the Destiny's Child group. I didn't even have an idea about area codes at that time, so I hadn't remembered to include one when dialling. But the lyrics went:

I called 612-555-2422 to find you. Lol. I can't believe I still remember the numbers clearly. Perhaps that's because I stupidly - and desperately might I add -  tried to dial them, hoping I'd get to speak to the Destiny's child members. Wow! Kids sure do have high hopes.

There are more songs like that I'm sure; songs with digits in them, digits that won't get you anywhere if you try to dial them. Do artists not know that these songs are misleading to little fans who actually wish to speak to them? Imagine how torn these little kids are when they figure out that these numbers are made up, fake, non-existent... (buuuuhuuu -_-) the list goes on.

Little kids will actually try to dial those numbers and I imagine those kids hearing the message 'the number you have dialled does not exist' won't be really happy kids!!  I really wonder if I was the only kid who actually went to the lengths of dialling that number. I guess I'll never know until someone decides to open up about it. Hmm.. if I was, I imagine I was one silly kid.