Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Those in favour of 48 hours in a day - say I

Okay, so apart from looking like a mad scientist with my hair up in a funny bun and bashing away on my laptop keyboard in a dark corner of my room - okay, so not actually a dark corner, but close - I just wondered what it would be like with 48 hours in a day. It seems there's just so much one wants to do and just not enough time to do it all. When you think your day has been productive enough you find that there are still a million things you could have done, and then BOOM, the day is over! :(  At times I would find myself being able to do all the things I had planned to do, but then I like being a person who isn't restricted to time tables. Imagine how absolutely dreadful that would be? - You'd be living on autopilot in the end, because you'd be so used to everything that you wouldn't feel as though you were doing things anymore. You would probably end up going through life with your eyes closed, or at worst, checking your time table for when to visit the toilet.

Although I am thrilled that there are more than at least 15 hours in a day, I wish there were even more sometimes. :( But of course if one was already bored or perhaps overworking themselves, there'd be a downside to 48 hours a day. For exciting events people would wish for the time leading up to those events to pass by quickly, but once you are there at those events, you wish for time to pass by slowly. There'd definitely be such a huge problem either way.

If I had 48 hours a day I would : 
 hold on to things more, making sure that once I'd come across something good, I wouldn't let it go. 
 Make sure not to make such rash decisions so often. 
Read more books. Shit loads of them. Piles and heaps!!!! Until my eyes went sore. 
Study the languages which I have decided to study - more, so much that I'd end up being fluent in a day. 
I would definitely spend a lot more time with my family and less time in my room ^^... 
I'd complete books quicker. 
I'd spend 24 hours being lazy and the next 24 hours working like a mad hatter - knowing that I'd have more time to spare the following day.

Unfortunately there aren't 48 hours in a day, but at least I've just listed all the things that I could do even if there aren't, and I'll definitely work hard towards doing them. Well, the last part I'd have to divide in half, so sadly I'd only get 12 hours for being lazy. But who cares. It's all good as long as I have my happy times!!! 

Hmm...I'm really curious to know what others would do if they had 48 hours in a day. If you aren't too lazy - drop me a comment. It's simple. ^^