Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lack of research = Tarnished images

I'm sure there aren't enough blog articles on my blog about my distaste for just how little all-round media coverage Africa really receives, and yet again, here I go. I don't think I'm back to complain, but rather to assess the problem at hand and see where I can probably fit in as an individual in this world - and where there obviously has to be a change. I don't believe it's just Africa either, but the whole world in general. Apart from the West, which I'm already so sick and tired of hearing about, I do feel that people have quite minute knowledge about other continents in the world, such as Asia and Africa.

Change, most people are aware, only comes around gradually and is therefore nothing that will happen within a day. But I do believe in Brandy's lyrics 'Don't tell me I can't build Rome in a day just 'cause they couldn't do it.' - which in my case would be Africa in the spot where it says Rome.

It's sickening how the truth about media coverage is that there is a central point, such as Reuters, controlling all what the masses are supposed to be bombarded with, which makes individual research from journalists a rare case. I feel there is a major trend of copy and paste as they see fit, and it's not just a few newspapers who are to blame for this, but a whole lot of them.

Rather than being a massive pair of sheep it would be a great thing to deviate from the masses. In other words, journalists such stop being fed garbage and contributing with bombarding the masses with it so that they in turn are fed just as much garbage, if not more.  One change I would wish to see is the healthy Africa, the successful Africa. The African Entertainment industry (i.e literature, music, fashion, food) business in Africa, African oil refinery. Africa's growth in general. What do we see of Africa on a daily basis? Always, always hungry children, forgotten children, diseased children etc. And while it is true that there are some children starving in Africa, it is not all children. How often do you see healthy African children presented by the Media? - And it's not because there aren't any - Almost never!

When people are unaware of that cities or buildings like the following exist in Africa, there's definitely a problem.

Gaborone, Botwswana

CBN Hq Abuja Images
Abuja, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria

Udon, Nigeria

Accra, Ghana

Image of Golden Tulip Accra, Accra
Accra, Ghana

Mogadishu, Somalia

While I can't obviously go on and one with examples of beautiful places in all of Africa, I feel it wouldn't hurt for people to do some research every now and again, instead of just going along with one-sided stories and views, thinking that this is what the world is made up of.  Imagine if what would come to mind whenever people thought of Britain, America or any other place in the West for that matter, was this: dirty people, no respect, all living on the streets, begging for money, lack of education etc, wouldn't the Brits or Americans protest? Would they really sit and watch as the Media went ahead and tarnished their image?  I don't think so, and I'm not prepared to sit and watch as the Media tarnishes the image of Africa either, making people believe that all that ever comes out of Africa is illiteracy, disease and malfunction.  This is why I only laugh at stupid comments like "Go back to your country!" Because those spitting such comments are unaware of what beauties and treasures Africa really holds.

Stop the madness! Question the validity and sources of the media! - Do some research!