Friday, December 9, 2011

Interesting encounter with British front line soldier - or just another sheep?

At about 5 a.m in the morning I had been awoken by a confused British front line soldier which had come back from Afghanistan only a couple of months ago, who coincidentally enough found himself in our house after a night out with my flatmates. Confused because he did not seem aware of what it really was his task in Afghanistan had been, rather than being a front line soldier, risking his life for a 'pointless' cause - in my opinion.

When I had asked him why it was that he had joined the military work force in Afghanistan he had answered -  almost without blinking, even though he had been fairly drunk - that there had been a great need for it in order to prevent events like 9/11 and 'London Bombings' from happening again. At that I almost had to cough. I asked him whether he did not question the validity of that and whether he perhaps did not believe in conspiracy theories? I did tell him that I just believed that he had been brainwashed.
He answered "I don't believe in conspiracy theories. And I haven't been brainwashed."

Because I had been protesting on the stay of British or American soldiers in Afghanistan because they were killing without a conscience, he had claimed that this was the problem with women and why they wouldn't be so easily chosen to complete 'shooting' tasks because they were oh so emotional.
"If you were not brainwashed, what made you go?" I had asked, not really being shocked by his previous answer.
"I went because my boss had told me so" he answered, further confirming my point.
"There you go!" I said, leaning in and looking him dead in the eyes "You were brainwashed!"

At this point I had become so enraged and told him that this is exactly what the Media wants. They create a lot of havoc so that people like him will believe that they are actually in Afghanistan for a good cause and doing something great for their country. What they are really doing is depriving other civilians like themselves of the opportunity to have an education, or a normal and happy life with their families.

He told me that he didn't really care, because he had a sum of £10,000 in his account. And this is when I asked with an angered tone whether or not he'd be able to point a gun at my head and shoot me because of this. He hadn't answered that question, but I saw it in his eyes. I could tell that the military had just been successful in breeding yet another murderer without a single conscience. A person who would kill as long as the promise of £10,000 or more were to be transacted to his account.

I am made to believe that having a large sum swimming in one's account is so enticing that one wouldn't care whether they had to risk their lives or kill 'innocent' people for it. All for the country right? NO! To me, risking one's life for what one doesn't even know the reason they are doing it for is 'sheep-mentality' caused by propaganda and reinforcement of negative messages propelled by the media and bombarded at its targets. I would never want a single one of my family members to ever work for the enemy! The enemy to me is of course the people who hold 'power', those who feed a public with lies and claim that it is good because they have the power to do so. The British front line soldier I encountered with yesterday is only one of billions of people misled to believe whatever garbage they are fed everyday. My last question to the soldier was why he hadn't bothered to see something from both sides, rather than just one.

Why is it that people think that violence will ever solve anything? By sending troop after troop to Afghanistan , halving some of them return in caskets, did Britain think they were really saving people? What about America?  They were secretly breeding more killers, brewing more hatred and causing more unnecessary deaths. What by targeting a whole country you think that you will defeat killers who are lurking in the shadows? At worst, only more of them are being produced. I won't stand to watch that!

Can't people learn to ask questions? Can't they be critical? At least to avoid just going along with everything they see on television, or to avoid becoming another 'dead product' of the media, which will often be thrown away when it is not needed anymore.