Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A woman's worth

I do not respect people who support the complete and utter silence of women. Those who believe that women should be 'seen, not heard' etc. The sickest thing is that some people even go to the extent of manipulating certain scriptural passages in order to make them 'say what they wish they should say', interpreting them in their own demented ways.

If a woman indeed is meant to be just 'seen', then the purpose of the creation of women would have been useless. Women are meant to be so much more than they are taken for. They are meant to be appreciated for childbearing, child nursing, child raising (for those women who actually take their time to go through these stages in life), and hard work in general.

The purpose of a woman has long been disregarded, swept under the rug, barely spoken about, a subject most likely ignored. Therefore it is okay for a woman walking home at night to be raped in an alleyway? Some would claim that it is the fault of a woman if she is raped, and certain women actually go on to believe that, despite doing absolutely nothing to 'invite' rape. Nobody wants to be manhandled and nobody wishes to be taken advantage of.

It's like saying a guy who is kicked between his legs expected it; that he knew it was coming and was waiting for it. Being kicked between your legs is nothing compared to being deprived of your dignity. For years women spend their time in exile for fear of being humiliated because of an incident which was in no way their fault, or worse, commit suicide.

How often do we see a man raped by a gang of women? How often do we see a man being taken complete advantage of against his own will by a group of women in an alleyway? It's highly unlikely that this is a common event which takes place everyday.

The rape of mothers, sisters and friends however, is an ongoing case. The most deranged thing of all is that a rapist does not usually have to be a stranger on the street. A rapist could be a friend you see everyday, whom you think you know, a colleague at work or even a family member. The list is endless.

We ask ourselves why it is that women get raped. Is it because of the illness of the rapist? (yes, I do refer to rape as an illness) Is it because of the 'invite' that a woman supposedly sends out after a night out on the town with her friends? Or perhaps it is just that a woman has that little worth in a man's eyes that her 'weak nature' is easily taken advantage of.

When will the madness stop?

When will people recognise the strength, intelligence, beauty and worth of a woman? We are more than what the naked eye perceives.