Saturday, November 12, 2011

I say watch 'Mean girls 2'

   I may not appear to be the type who watches ultimately girly movies such as 'Mean girls', but - perhaps to your surprise, or not so big surprise - I quite enjoyed 'Mean girls 2'. It was everything beyond my expectations, as I'd feared it would be much like Mean girls or worse.  I think I enjoyed it more than I did the first movie as it tied in more than just cliché. 
I ended up watching 'Mean girls 2' this morning, just by coincidence, as I had been searching for a couple of other movies I thought would be out by now. I am a huge fan of Justin Chon (who also stars in the Twilight movies) and am highly anticipating his next appearance in a short film called 'Jin', which sort of led to my searching for it online - which in turn then led me to coming across 'Mean girls 2'. 

Are you in for a movie night with the girls and wondering what to watch? This movie should definitely be on the list of the films you decide to watch. Read the full synopsis here