Friday, November 11, 2011

Forming ties

I watched a six minute video on The Blasian Narrative's blog - about Chinese and Ghanian engagement, and it was pretty interesting. At times the merging of people from different backgrounds is a successful way of breaking barriers and overcoming prejudice, marginalisation and stereotypes.

China in Africa from Edward Bishop on Vimeo.

I even left a comment at the end of the video (which I won't force you to read) :
I did like the video, and strongly believe in forming ties in order to overcome most of the prejudice and stereotyped ways of thinking among people in the world. I was not surprised when the Chinese woman who first spoke in the video said that most Chinese people look at Africans as dumb. We all have different perceptions of each other, and for centuries the black man has been depicted at the lowest end of the 'civilisation scale', never mind their systems of quick mathematics or their inventions (because you never hear of a black man having invented anything - even though the black man has).

The only way to completely obliterate marginalisation is through integration. In my opinion, most people think in a certain way because they have no choice - since they are practically surrounded by that way of thinking. But if they are introduced to a new way of thinking, they might think differently.