Thursday, December 1, 2011

The 'Blogger-absence' flu...

Attention all readers! 
Due to a flu by the name 'Blogger abscence' roaming about on the net, attacking random bloggers - its symptoms being such things as: Feeling like deleting one's blog, feeling as though one is tired of blogging, being too lazy to blog etc - it has been put to everyone's attention to be careful of staying away from blogs which denote such 'negative' inputs, including this one, as it is a highly infectious desease - targeting faint hearted bloggers and rapidly increasing its infection speed. 

After having been absent from my blog for a fairly long time (to me this honestly feels like the last post I'll be writing in a very, very, very long time), I feel as though it has come to mean less to me than it meant from the very beginning (when I couldn't get enough of blogging and things were bliss). It feels as though a very important person in my life at the moment has taken up all that passion I used to have for blogging, because instead of recording "my every experience" or "frustrations" on my blog I just run to that person with all of it. At first I didn't realise that that was what was happening, but after a while of thinking I came to a conclusion that indeed it was that person who is one of the reasons why I'm a bit 'tired of blogging' these days. Slowly and surely that someone managed to work their way into a little space in my heart, which now is pretty hard to erase, and now only belongs to *said person*. 

Of course it's been very fun blogging and being of 'inspiration' to other people - if I have at all been considered and inspiration, or just fairly entertaining. (Although some people actually came to a conclusion that 'everything' I posted on my blog was from my everyday 'personal' life - sort of exposing myself to the rest of the world and whatnot. But to be honest, I only share what I feel is beneficial to share, and don't honestly post all my life stories on here, although it's quite flattering that some people might think so. 

I'm sad to say that I've been affected by the 'Blogger-abscence' flu, and have therefore decided that I need a long break. Instead of saying I'll never be back, I'm just saying bye for the time being, and perhaps someday when I regain the zeal for blogging I'll be back.