Monday, October 17, 2011

Looking back...

I remember when I first decided to change the name, purpose and outlook of my blog. Up to now I believe it's the best thing I ever did; Not only did I change the layout, but also personalised it so it would reflect me as a 'peculiar' dreamy human being.

July 2010 Header - Decided to let people in behind the four walls of my crazy self by personalising my blog's layout. I had fallen in love with and started out a relationship with an amazing guy over the summer, just completed my 1st year of Communication and Media and life was great....or so I thought.

October 2010  Header - I was beginning to see a new side of life, understanding that things changed and not necessarily the way I wanted them to, but sometimes for my own good. I guess my new header kind of 'portrayed' the changes I was facing, as well as showing a more philosophical me, given the fact that I spent most of the year in deep thoughts.

I went for a couple more headers in between; only because I wanted change but wasn't quite sure what change I was looking for; I ended up dissatisfied most of the time, until I finally ended up with something 'decent' and completely self-created as I'd always wished to have a layout with my picture in it, but never really figured out how to ^^.

 I discovered that no matter how many different headers I'd have, none of them would really point me out the way my blog posts would, and therefore it didn't really matter as long as I was happy with them. Either way; here's to a year and several different headers of About a girl.  Hmmm..and come to think of it, I always did have a thing for lips... .