Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall in love??? NAH!!

I know it's been a while since I last posted something on my blog, and that being because of all the 'stress' that came with coming back to Bournemouth, moving into a whole new house and unpacking my things. To top things off, I'd actually managed to forget the main piece of my laptop's charger, so I had to get a new one the very next day of my arrival, only to find out that it did not fit and that I had to return it. Hopefully I got one that fits perfectly, and I actually came to like it a bit more than the one I left back in Norway. Lol.

A couple of days ago I met some really cool people as I joined my house mates out for a party with a group of their friends to celebrate one of my house mate's birthdays; talking to one of them, we landed on a sensitive subject: boys lol, and discussed how it often seems so easy for a guy to move on from a relationship while the girl is stuck there holding on for a pretty long time. Most of them were newly out of relationships and found it hard to cope, like myself, although it's been a year and a half!!!!!!!

I suppose if you have feelings for someone it's rather hard not getting attached to them either way, and I guess that's also why a lot of people make that major decision of not falling for anyone at least while they're at University, studying. I second that of course, but thinking about it now it's really hard not doing something you have no control over, like stopping yourself from falling head over heels for someone who just happened to woo you right into cloud nine.

I don't really have any control over my feelings!! But I've been really good at ignoring them, which could be a good and bad thing at the same time; a good thing because that would mean that one wouldn't have to get caught up in a time consuming relationship, and a bad thing because you might let a really 'good guy' pass you by. I guess I just decided not to care altogether, besides, what relationship could I really end up falling into when I've got only a year left of University????? It would be almost ridiculous as there'd be no chance of staying together if I decided to head off into 'the world' and leave him behind. I certainly wouldn't want to drag a load around with me as I travel. It would be more than enough with just a suitcase.

Solution for not getting attached? NOT GETTING ATTACHED! 

It's funny, because either way you lose out. You lose out when you hold on to your feelings too tightly, and you lose out if you don't. Guys often believe they're the Sh**, and at times I just give them the time of day to enjoy their spotlight. I haven't got time for BS anyway. They're actually super interesting as friends, and it's funny to listen to how they address girls, and talk about girl issues etc(........And I was completely shocked to find out that some guys would actually sleep with a girl even if they don't have feelings for her. Now that's messed up and super desperate!!!!), but being in a relationship with any guy is completely different. It would just completely suck the fun and value out of friendships with absolutely no feelings involved. Just cool-hanging-out kind of friendships.

Oh well, I'm just left to see whether I can/will go back on my word or not, but for the time being I'm still intent on sticking to it. Speaking of which I should just switch off my laptop all together. It's become highly distracting.