Saturday, October 22, 2011

The black girl category...

It's kind of hilarious how one is so easily mistaken for having a certain personality just because of what they are.  I'm black so I should be 'typically black', not so? I should be rude; constantly on the lookout for fights, loud and rebellious. I should drink way beyond my limit, have loads of 'ghetto fabulous' tattoos and be a teen mom. Well, if a few people's views of a black girl has been this so far, I am sorry to disappoint, but I am neither of the above....

I haven't fought in years, I'm not one to start fights and I certainly don't remain in my seat on public transports when I see that an elderly person or pregnant woman is in need of a seat. I hardly leave McDonald's without clearing up after myself, although I know there's staff for that, and I don't try to disrespect the elderly. I don't have those 'ghetto fabulous' tattoos either.

Yet, when I step on a bus it seems people are so easily intimidated, clutching unto their belongings like I'm going to run off with them or something. Not to put myself up there, but I've never lacked anything growing up, as my parents (who should be given veteran awards) had always been able to provide me with whatever I wanted and needed, so why would I ever feel the need to steal from someone else???? It's ridiculous.

Usually, not all the time, I get stared down by shop owners of small stores, who follow me closely with their eyes to see if I'll shoplift. It's expected of me! Is it such a damn surprise when I leave a shop without getting caught by the police, having to empty my pockets to reveal stolen items?? I'm a human being with a conscience.

I get easily offended when people say that I'm not 'typically black', mainly because I don't understand what they mean by that. What is typically black if not a mere stereotypical image?

WARNING! Do not continue reading if you are sensitive to bad words

I had reacted to a comment on Youtube, with absolutely no offensive words included in my reply, and the same person had written back that I was an uneducated, ghetto, 'nigger' ass bitch. Seriously?? Again with the 'nigger'/ghetto BULLSHIT. When are people going to grow up? The only think I could think of was that in order for him to use such words in his comments it only proved which one of us lacks education.

Another shocking thing is that having respect for my body gives me away as an 'uptight bitch'. I'm not easy to take control over so guys would rather stay away from me. Well, goodbye to bad rubbish! It's nice that guys with that opinion have never taken their time to approach me.

Just because I don't have time to get weakened in the knees by a guy trying to woo me doesn't make me a bitch, it just makes me sensible. *brightens up*. I'm going to need a guy who can handle that I'm opinionated instead of trying to control me, or override me with his views. I'm going to need a guy who doesn't run from a little bit of intimidation. The only way to find out what I'm like is to get to know me. I'm not a bitch, and I DON'T bite.

Have a nice day :)   *bows*