Monday, October 3, 2011

Absolutely no time for Love..

It's actually 'funny' that most of the posts on my blog start with the sentence 'isn't it funny' . But anyway. I believe it's so funny that love doesn't come knocking when you have all the time in the world for it, but rather when you don't. When you're busy, when you couldn't care less, when you've given up, when you're mad that all others except for you have found love (although that shouldn't exactly be a bad thing, or bad timing), that's when it decides to come knocking at your door.

Why is it that when you're free, when you're willing, when you're 'mature' and waiting, that love is nowhere to be found, except for all around you? With all other people than yourself?

Love, for me, 'ended' a long time ago, and this time I honestly don't have any time for it, even if it comes knocking on my door (which I doubt it will) because I'll be super busy with other things!!! (i.e my personal life, or getting my personal life together)

Whenever I think about being in a relationship these days, I shudder. Although 'most' of the relationships around me are going well, I can't picture myself in one quite yet, or perhaps even in a few more years to come.

A relationship is work in itself, and I wouldn't have time for putting work into anything other than my school work this year. People might say that it is easier said than done. But I've been so good at liking people from a distance that doing that now wouldn't be a problem. Besides, I have no one in particular that I'm 'interested' in and it feels so great!!!!