Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yeap, that was me...

It's really funny looking back at photos from a couple of years ago, even if it was just last year, because people usually don't know just how much they change until they place pictures of themselves - from different times - together.

I remember my 'rock girl' phase. I hated wearing anything which would reveal my figure, because I was mostly comfortable in baggy t-shirts or jumpers, and absolutely loved dark nail varnish and dark eye-liner and anything that would make me look 'dark'. Of course I never over-did it, or at least I never thought so, because I'd always wear a few bright colours just to compliment the dark stuff I would wear.. like the time I got pink stripes in my hair.

I guess my friends would say my trademark used to be 'converse' because I would wear them through every season. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, you name it, I wore my converse through all of them; at least until there was this huge hole underneath the soles and I had to chuck them away. But then I'd just buy a new pair and wear those through all seasons.  However, I've always been pretty diverse, wearing stuff I feel comfortable in and that I like. I really couldn't care less what people think about my 'sense of style', because I'm not really tied down to anything.(well, perhaps I was to converse for a while, but not anymore)...Wee ^^