Saturday, September 3, 2011

Words the never meant to

I recently thought about how long it's actually been since I last wrote a poem, and I must say that it has been at least a year, so here I am again with a second attempt at expressing how bad I really am at expressing myself with spoken words.

Words that never meant to.. 

Sometimes I speak and don’t think. I just say into the open,
Then I get surprised when a heart comes back to me broken.
‘I never meant to’, ‘didn’t mean to’ are the only words to describe
that the things that I just said weren’t meant to hurt inside.
I’m not good with words, and words have never been good with me.
I just say what I don’t mean, and it’s later on I see.
When the words are just there, hanging in thin air,
It’s then that I wish; how I wish you didn’t hear.
How I wish I could take back all the stupid things I said.
But words with no actions end up being dead.
I’ve caused so much commotion,
Caused so much pain,
 And in the end I understand that there’s nothing I stand to gain.
So before another word, I’ll be quiet and think it out;
I can promise you that the next word I say aloud,
won’t be a word I haven’t already thought about.