Monday, September 12, 2011

New laptop?

While I understand that my laptop might be is getting old (despite my not wanting it to), I realise that it might be time for me to a get a new one. My goal is to keep my laptop for at least another year or even two, but that's just because it's hard for me to let go of something I've had for so long. Besides, new models keep coming out, so one day all these new laptops will be referred to as boxes too (although mine is only from the hp pavilion dv6000 series, which isn't all that old if you think about it). But I went to a gadget store with my cousin today and was stunned. 

My decision actually stands between the Sony Vaio C-series 

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and the hp dv6 series, but only a mini version of this one:    (and since photos are not available at the moment, I'll try and get a hold of a photo when they are.)  

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The hp I was eyeing today even had a fingerprint function on it. I'm going to have a closer look at both the laptops so that I can make a decision about which one of them to pick in the end. I might even purchase a new laptop before my original plan.