Friday, September 30, 2011

When the world gets too loud, just tune it out.

This might be my most nerdy post ever. But I'm still prepared to write it. Gosh how I miss High school!!!! I miss it because I got to read more books back then than what I get to now. I got to hide away in corners and read books when I felt like keeping the world at a distance, or keeping it out for a short while. I actually liked being in the comfort of my room and yet travel to different parts of the world, "getting to know different people and about their life situations" by simply just reading books. 

When I had no friends to hang around with during school breaks, or when they were 'too busy for me', I confided in books. I even confided in books when I found parties that I was usually dragged to by my parents, boring. I would grab a chair, sit in a corner and bury myself in a good book, ignoring all sorts of people and loud music blasting from stereos. It was amazing how I managed to shut so many things out, as though they were never there to begin with, by just reading books. I'd be so immersed in a book that I would be unable to hear when people were calling my name, and if I found a book funny I'd also forget myself and laugh really loudly.   

These days I barely have time to read one book, and I don't even know what all my time is going to. Hmm, on second thought I think I have an idea. But I still miss High school!!!! It was much more fun then, and it just can't be explained. But I'm still setting up a list of books I wish to finish throughout this year, and I truly hope I'll manage to read them all.