Thursday, September 15, 2011

Unimportant, random facts!

Since I cannot sleep from seeing a daddy long legs 'flying spider' (as my little cousins call them), I've decided to sit up and blog instead. I've found that besides cooking, one of the ways in which I find the most productive when it comes to 'mental therapy' for me, is writing. I honestly do not know what I'd do without writing, but I'm super thankful that such a thing does exist.'s a list of a few completely random 'facts' about me.

1. I'm allergic to bananas, but looove processed banana snacks! (and...Yesterday, after taking a zyrtec tablet, I was able to eat half a banana; the only downside is, it tasted like complete crap! It's been almost 10 years since the last time I tasted a banana, and I don't think I've missed anything special...besides, it brought back terrible memories from allergic reaction attacks.) 

2. I really dislike it when my mother's on the phone with someone and she just randomly decides to pass me the phone, telling the person on the line that I wish to speak to them. (WHY does she still do that????)

3. I can go a whole year without feeling the need to hang around with anyone (either I really enjoy my own company or I'm just a social retard; which indeed I think I am). Thank God for friends who acknowledge my existence, because if it weren't for them I can swear I'd be completely friendless. 

5.  I'm terribly confident in most situations, and have no problem telling a guy I like that I actually like him, it's just what comes after that's nerve wrecking.  ^^;

6. I'm allergic to nuts (raw nuts, fried nuts, cooked nuts, processed nuts, snack bar nuts, chocolate bar nuts...doesn't's all nuts)

 7. I don't easily 'fall in love', but when I finally do, it lasts for a very, very, very,very, very long time. So stressful. 

8. I loooove watching Asian dramas. ^^

9. I'm learning Korean, Japanese and Mandarin.

10. I'm an otaku for Asian cultures and countries. Especially the South East region of Asia.