Sunday, September 11, 2011


You know how your heart just happens to sort of skip a beat when you see something you really like? Even if it's just an item in a shop????? OMG.. I completely had that experience yesterday as I was sitting on the metro with my little cousins and younger brother (who by the way is 18 lol) on our way back from the cinema (as I and my little brother had decided to take them out so that they could watch a movie at the cinema, which by the way, they had never been to before was pretty cool to see their reactions when the 'big screen' came on..^^)

But anyway. We were sitting on the metro, and all of a sudden this guy and his friend step on in, and from the moment they walked in, I just could not stop staring. He was so  utterly, amazingly, super fabulously gorgeous!!! I almost swallowed my tongue from staring so hard!.. Everything from his jawline to his nose to his whole facial structure to the dark complexion of his skin, was unbelievably immaculate, and had it not been for my phone being temporarily switched off because of low battery (don't know why that is important, since if you give someone ur number, you're phone doesn't really have to be on), and not having neither a pen nor paper, I would have completely slid him my facebook add.  Oh well... I just had to watch in excruciating pain, not even paying any attention to what my little brother was saying to me - as him and his friend stepped off the metro to a stop I just can't remember the name of. Ahhhhh... the frustration.

I'm completely going to carry around my facebook add or number in my purse, so that that will never happen again. If a person has got a girlfriend, tough luck, but if he hasn't, woop wooop.. get in there ^^. Who says you shouldn't just go for things sometimes? ...

And if you're the guy I am talking about, and you can see this???? Get in contact with me asap! lol.

Haha... I completely had one of those Nicki Minaj Superbass moments... sigh*..*