Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Superbass Fail ^^

As I hadn't expected that I'd actually see the same guy I spoke about in my previous post: Superbass!!!!, I must admit that I was so shocked to actually see him again yesterday on a train I and my cousin had gotten on. And due to being so shocked I'd forgotten all about what I'd said I would do if I ever saw a guy I 'had an eye for' ever again. I'd certainly give them my number. But hey, I froze, and instead of doing what I'd usually do (talk to the guy), I just sat there, well, basically  I stood there for a while, but sunk unto the floor later on.. (I hadn't actually gotten to sit in any of the carriages due to being so shocked, so I was stuck in the 'corridor')... But I could tell he was looking my way...not being big headed, but it was really obvious that he scanned me a couple of times (perhaps trying to remember where he'd seen me before). I should have at least smiled or something, but I didn't do that either.

How small is the world really, that I'd actually bump into a stranger twice, even when the odds were slim to none. Oh well, should I hope there'll be a third time?? And if there ever is, will I be able to at least remember to have my 'complimentary card' ^^ ready?... I was so damn disappointed in myself as I watched his back as he got off the train to what I assume was his stop.

Gosh, he's just oooozing of 'fineness' and I couldn't even get myself to say a word. I'm the retard!!!!

Anyway...once again, if you're the guy I'm referring to and you can see this, get in touch ^^.