Thursday, September 22, 2011

A narrow minded world...

It's fascinating how many negative comments arise when the subject about black people is raised; all kinds of words like 'uncivilised', 'backward', 'unintelligent' and 'troublemakers' are words which are mostly used to describe foreign people/black people. Because, truthfully, although black people often get discriminated by other races, it is not just black people who find themselves in this difficult position.

Firstly, the reason I decided to blog about exactly this subject- so people don't think that I just randomly decided to blog about how badly black people are being treated in society - is because I watched a very disturbing video clip from Korea (where one of the passengers, who just happened to be black, had assaulted two other passengers on the bus; a 61 year old man included) and read even more disturbing comments on the issue. 

Because of numerous reasons I've decided not to post the video on my blog, but what I saw really made me sad, not to mention the comments that followed (which is so 'typical' on Youtube from narrow minded people who have no valid arguments to make, except throwing around offensive words which make up lousy comments). 

It's wrong for people to assume that a person is born with a certain behaviour/attitude/personality just because of their racial background. All things are acquired, and people are shaped primarily after their home, their group of friends, their schools and societies. But another mistake people make is to assume that everyone born in the same society are exactly the same. This of course, people should know, is wrong. You may put ten children in one room, they may all be taught the same thing, but in the end the decision to keep what they've learnt stored in their memory is entirely up to them. Do we, if one of those ten children decides to go against what they've all been taught, blame the nine others? If so, that's where most people go wrong in today's society.  An act of evil all of a sudden becomes the problem of a whole people, when really people should look upon the act as an act carried out by an individual.

Why is it that people are so quick to jump on a whole race when something happens? Has it got something to do with 'collective identities'? The media? Is it because we are often constantly exposed to things that builds fear in us? Was it not exactly the same thing which happened after 9/11; the fear and marginalisation of Arabs or Muslims? 

If a person has no values, no upbringing and no experience with life whatsoever, that person, in my opinion, would be a complete 'tabula rasa' (blank slate), and therefore it would not matter what colour or racial background that person would have. Anyone can act uncivilised and anyone can carry out perilous acts, regardless of race/ethnicity. Therefore, judging a whole nation based on an individual's actions would be taking the wrong step. 

I have stopped taking offence whenever I read comments which involve the 'n' word or black people being referred to as 'monkeys' etc. Why should I? It's not typically black to be loud, to be 'ghetto', to be a 'troublemaker' etc. I'll tell you what's typical. It's typically stupid to believe these things about black people or anyone in general, because these are all stereotypical beliefs or beliefs based on heuristics, which is why I get surprised when people say that I'm not a 'typical' black girl. The word typical, being used in such contexts, is something we've just created by ourselves. It doesn't exist!

All I can do as person is prove that I'm an individual and that I cannot be defined on the basis of my colour nor my race; neither will I be oppressed or disgraced. You see this smile? It will continue to stay on my face!!!