Friday, September 16, 2011

Multiplication made easy...

I was watching this programme yesterday called 'siffer'(Norwegian word for numbers/digits), obviously about maths, and I was spellbound. They actually made maths look easy, and I felt a bit guilty for having looked at people who went out of their way to study maths at University as crazy!!! 

One of the maths methods that was used for multiplication of numbers by the programmes host was the Mayan multiplication system. Man, had I known about it all those years ago (as I was mathematically backward and used my own system for getting numbers, which didn't even end up getting me the right numbers anyway...which then led to my parents obviously believing I was 'special'...and not in a healthy way), I probably wouldn't have struggled as much with mathematics, which makes me understand why the teacher's didn't introduce it to us at school. They clearly wanted us to flunk mathematics!!!!! It's all so clear now. 

Anyway, here is one of the easiest methods used for multiplying numbers. If you remember the system clearly, it will be easier for you to multiply numbers in your head I suppose.