Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mrs. Beckham's baby could weigh more than her

While I'm not really into low-quality, 'poor' vocabulary gossip, I still find it highly worrying that Victoria Beckham has allowed her weight to stoop so badly, especially now that she is pregnant. It's really sad that she can't even walk to save her life now that her tummy is weighing down her tiny legs, and she instead has to be wheeled around in something which resembles a trolley. 

Below is a picture of her and her husband Mr. Beckham, at a photo op. My goodness just look at those tiny legs. It's absolutely horrible that she cares more about how she looks than the fact that if she doesn't take  it easy, she could actually die!!!!!!

Victoria Beckham is helped by her husband during a pre-natal photo op
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I do understand the pressure of looking 'amazing' in Hollywood, but HELLOO?? Who would be to blame if anything bad happened. I still can't believe that doctors are saying the baby she is carrying now weighs more than she does. How is that humanly possible????? Oh, and just for the record, this is old news. Victoria had her baby in July, I heard. That's surely a great relief.