Friday, September 23, 2011

Drama saved

It's pretty awesome to stumble across stuff you weren't really fully aware existed, but up until today I am so thankful to my friend J for introducing me to K-dramas, or making me aware of Asian dramas at all. I had always been a fan of dramas, and while I was growing up, I would usually watch Spanish, French and Bollywood dramas.

In my teen years I was specifically interested in Gossip girl and Skins (A British drama series), but after season one of Skins ended, and I wasn't really interested in following a new cast, I sort of just fell out of the habit of consistent following, and once I was made to wait (obviously with a lot of other Gossip girl 'fans' for a new season) for a season of Gossip girl I sort of just fell out of the habit of watching that too. But when I was introduced to K-dramas I just never saw the need to stumble back to American dramas. A thing I do like about myself is that if I really like something I will definitely follow it to the core.

 Of course I'll always favour U.K dramas because I believe they're a lot better than American dramas on many levels, but I suppose it varies. 

There are just so many drama series I would like to watch, but just so little time, especially when there's just a matter of days before I start University again (my third and final year, thank gooodnesss!!!), but when there is spare time I'll make sure to have like a drama marathon thing going on. The best thing is that there's just a variety of dramas to choose from; all types of dramas from action to comedy/romance. Gotta love em' all. Whoa, I'll completely blow dramas out of the water by watching too many of them. ^^