Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cursed from the day I was born a woman?

Some men have absolutely no regard for women, even though they themselves were born of them. In some cases all a man desires is a woman whom he can walk all over; preferably one who does not say much, object to rules or argue, but instead only keeps quiet and looks 'pretty'.

In rare cases, men allow a woman to dominate their lives. But I am in strong opposition of both examples, because to me, they are both WRONG. Of course a man should not oppress a woman, but he should not allow a woman to completely dominate his life either.

Men who were "blessed" with a doormat, in other words, a female subject to the male gaze (whereby the male only views the woman as an object meant to be looked at or looked down on; often in a sexual way), or only expected to roll over on her back in submission to a man- are often 'thrilled' at the easy life they are able to lead.

A while back I was even shocked at the misguided, naive and incredibly ridiculous view that 'white' females are easier to deal with in both relationships and marriages, simply because they rarely cause havoc and are similar to trophies. What a load of utter waste, because everything boils down to the individual. I so wish people would stop making generalisations.

I've had heated arguments with men who believe that a woman 'belongs' in the kitchen, which of course made my temperature rise and my blood boil. The kitchen isn't the only place in the house in which a woman should find herself, hence my strong reaction against such rudimentary comments.

Men with the 'wrong' type of upbringing are the ones who end up disrespecting women, thinking that they only exist for the sake of procreation or to 'please a man'. Most of the time they are the men who turn into rapists, sexual offenders etc. But ask them what they would do if men other than their fathers ever disrespected their mothers. Would they like for a man to sexually abuse their mothers, blackmail them into doing things they did not want to, have her work all day without rest? Would they tolerate it?????

Having a woman who tolerates her man like nobody else, doing everything he desires of her and even more, is of course a plus on the man's side, but makes the woman doing these things a very foolish! woman. Of course a woman should submit to her husband, but by no means should she become a complete doormat. Once you lose your boundaries people quickly take advantage.

I'm not planning on giving my husband a hard time when I get married, but I am planning on making it clear that he did not marry a doormat. I'm certainly not growing old before my time.