Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Because I'm black....

A while back I got a comment from a reader urging me to post more of my poems on my blog, so here's a little poem I wrote on the issue some black people face.  

Because I'm black.... 
Is it merely an excuse or is it a fact
that whenever I apply for a job I really want, I get considered last
just because I'm black?

Is it merely my opinion, or is it a fact
that whenever I'm in public, people mistake me for being uncivilised and not knowing how to act
just because I'm black?

How many times will it remain a statement,
how long will it be an excuse? 
that whenever you approach someone and they turn their back,
you tell your friend "leave them alone, they're just tripin'
because I'm black."

When culprits carry out an attack,
I get put in handcuffs: my hands placed behind my back, 
accused for something I've not done
just because I'm black. 

I'm rarely a preference,
and with my fellow 'black sisters' 
people can't tell the difference.
On the list of 'wanted' girls
I'm found all the way at the back,
and don't get me wrong, because that's not what
I think,
but, it must be because I'm black. 

If intelligence was a colour
and boldness was a race,
people would not see your skin or the colour on your face,
and the talk of racism would rarely be the case. 

Sometimes it might be an excuse,
but at times it's also fact
that I get treated differently just
because I'm black.