Monday, August 29, 2011

Wow.. I'm so popular when.. (completely random post)

the most interesting e-mails of today were notifications telling me to come to the library and pick up books I'd previously ordered. ^^  Either way, I'm so going to enjoy the goody-bag of books I brought home today, seeing as it's been a really long time since I've read any books from start to finish. The last book I read from start to finish (Bridget Jones' Diary) , I read in March; quite a few months ago now.

Yeaaap. There was a time when I actually preferred reading books to hearing people talk. My mom had told me that I started loving books ever since the first time I was able to read....

I might as well throw in a few Korean lessons as I realised how much I suck now, mainly because of lack of practice. I was talking to my friend the other day (who is Korean ^^)  and a while back I would have been able to respond with a few sentences in Korean, but this time I just flopped big time, and found it so hard to find words...It was just awful, so I've decided to revisit Korean classes and re-take them. I have a goal and that is to become a FLUENT Korean speaker.

A pretty long time ago I received a request/tag from one of my readers to reveal what's usually in my bag.... so sorry for the late post... but here's a picture of the stuff that's usually at the bottom of my bag. Although I'm not really a huge fan of lipstick (but do however have a ton of them), I adore lip gloss, and my favourite brand lip gloss is ...drum roll please: Angel lips. Not only does it stay on for ages, it tastes great too ^^ My cousin introduced me to them, and since that time I've just fallen in love with them. I'm certainly not switching.

Below is a 1 year old video clip. I and my little brother just hanging out and creating 'beautiful' musical sounds. That summer I had no idea that he could play the keyboard, and because of my amazement I decided to freestyle (create lyrics spontaneously/from the top of my head) to one of his melodies.  NVM the still image, LOL ^^